Where is it?


The village of Tala is at the western end of the island of Cyprus. Cyprus forms the historic crossroads between Europe and the Near East, situated at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.


The island of Cyprus has been divided since 1974. The northern third has been claimed by Turkey. The rest of Cyprus is predominantly Greek speaking, independent, self-governing and a member of the EU. Eagles View is located in Tala in the Greek speaking southern two thirds of the island Just north of the city of Paphos, The European Capital of Culture 2017.

Paphos can provide you with all that a modern European city has to offer, supermarkets, restaurants, historical Landmarks, culture and tourist attractions.

The roads around Tala are winding and mountainous as you can see on the map below, they offer stunning views the higher up you drive towards the Ayios Neophytos monastery just North of Eagles View and then on further to secluded mountain villages like Koili.